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Hi! I’m Damien “Fusey” Alexander and I’m from the Netherlands. This is my website I’ve had for many years and is since 2015 used as a personal website to find out everything about me and my journeys!
Right now I am working everyday to get the funds together for a longer trip with my own sailing vessel, at the top of this page is seen how far I am to reaching my goal and I’m planning to leave when I’ve reached the goal and prepared the boat! Support is very much appreciated by donating with the button at the top, purchasing a strand of luck or subscribing to my YouTube!
With every purchase or donation made, you’ll also get the opportunity to vote for a charity! The charity with the most votes will receive a donation by me personally at the end of the month!
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This or that?

ij2hdSo right now I’ve got everything ready to go live and I’m just wondering about some small details which I feel like sharing, even though stuff will become more clear once everything starts rolling, I’m wondering about this a lot!

My idea at first was to have everyone that donates or purchases an item from me also vote at the end of the purchase-process, vote for a charity which will receive a large donation from my side, a charity that is also picked by previous month supporters. But! Now I started thinking, wouldn’t it make an interesting if I’m traveling across the globe and announce where I’d be at the end of the month beforehand and people can pick a cause or project in that area where I can personally donate at the spot! This instead of making a donation to a world wide available cause.

This has been going through my mind the last few days and it sounds very interesting to me, but soon I’ll find out what the best way of going about will be and feedback from people will also help!

Damien  Alexander – August 15, 2015

Roamler surprise

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Here I was hoping to be doing something fun I could do outside everyday and help out lots of companies and most importantly make some money for food! I guess the above images sum up my experience with Roamler quite well, and it’s probably/hopefully more popular in the US.

If I got it right, it’s an App companies use to give small tasks to people on their phone to get pictures fast of their commercials or of busy areas, or just see if their product is easily found! And rewards them with real money.

Wake up

Today I woke up to a seemingly very nice day, the sun was shining and not a cloud was to be seen in the sky. It was getting warmer and I opened a window, right then as I opened my window the phone rang. It was a call from my cousin, she had to bring me the news my bank had called and they will claim my comfy little house back!

Right now I am figuring out what I can do to keep it, only 5 days, what can be done in 5 days.

I have talked about this before in the about section and I knew I was behind in payments, trying to find new ways of making money. I do have a job right now that I will start soon but doesn’t pay till the end of next month, I don’t even have anything to sell anymore of a greater value, I wonder if losing my apartment is inevitable right now. I will get on this today.

I took a risk last and in the next 5 days I will see the results of my choice. I will either just make it or lose everything I worked for.

Flying hamburger

I don’t want to be like one of those blogs that go “OMG, this is amazing! I need to have this!” But today I saw a piece of technology that made me go “OMG, this is amazing! I need to have this!”

It’s a new drone that doesn’t require anyone to fly it, it is controlled by a receiver carried by the source you want the drone to capture! I made that sound a whole lot more complicated than needed, but to simplify, the camera films you where ever you run or walk with a small device you carry on you, which also has the ability to record sound! It is pretty amazing and if you enjoy traveling, this little machine can create some really nice shots.

The drone-camera Lily


So great at smiling! :l

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