Island of FuseyTV – – Damien Alexander


Hello! I am Damien Alexander, and I’m also going by as FuseyTV! I’ve always had the dream to sail around and enjoy the world, the idea came to me ever since I was 13 years old and sailed with my father down the Mediterranean sea for about a year. Yes, I already have a lot of experience with sailing and being on boats. I enjoyed it so much that I worked my way up to get to the point to have a sea-worthy boat and get going. Last year in 2014 I had about everything ready, I had enough funds to sail around without sorrows for at least a year, and I even was presented with the opportunity to make a passive income so I could quit my daily job. I took the opportunity and after careful thought invested more than half of what I had saved up for my trip into this new project. Which at the end didn’t work out… The money I had left quickly dissipated and it left me without money to even eat, so right now I am right back at where I started.
These days I am looking for work once more so I can finance the preparation of the boat again, the vessel which is called ‘Blanco’. I am working on an inventory to see how much I need to prepare and set sail! I expect around $5000 $7500,
 which allows me to have enough for all the essential equipment needed to sail out at sea! If you’d like to help me out to get started quicker, then this is possible! On the frontpage is seen how you can donate, and every donation will be mentioned at the end of my daily videos on YouTube! I also started selling Strands of Luck! Once purchased I’ll pluck a lucky strand for you personally and handcraft a small board to place it on, your name will also be on the board and it’ll be amazing, the shipping will be free because I managed to keep it small and light! I decided while I’m traveling and coming to meet a lot of people I’ll also help out local charities at the end of each month, since I don’t need a lot myself and I’d love to help out people, this website allows people to vote/suggest a charity after purchasing or donating money to help me keep going!

A friendly reminder.. I’m not a professional sailor, but did do plenty of research and have the basic knowledge of the sea and sailing. I would suggest doing your own research and not using this website as a handbook or guide. I am simply sharing how I plan my trip and what kind of tools and equipment I use! I hope to set sail in September, but it will all depend on if I have everything ready financially, because I know what I need and what I have to do to get ready, the rest will be adventure! Go to the page about Blanco to read more about the vessel!