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Boat Blanco

Blanco from top

Blanco from above!

The boat that will provide me with shelter and protect me from everything the sea and ocean will throw at me is a Phantom 33 feet Sea-Cruiser with the name of ‘Blanco’! Here are some extra facts about Blanco:

  • Length overall: 32 feet 15364 inches (9.80m)
  • Width overall: 10 feet 4164inches (3.15m)
  • Depth: 5 feet 85764inches (1.75m)
  • Height: 47 feet 65564inches (14.50m)
  • Weight:  12566LBS (5700KG)
  • Built: 1986
  • Engine: Solé mini 18HP Diesel
  • Sails: Equipped with 5 sails, a storm jib of 113 sq ft (10.5 m2),  regular jib of 285.2 sq ft (26.5 m2), genoa of 387.5 sq ft (36 m2), spinnaker of 754.5 sq ft (70 m2) and the mainsail of 237 sq ft (22 m2).

Equipment already installed on Blanco:

  • Simrad depth and anemometer (wind heading and speed)
  • MLR FX312C GPS System
  • Wallas 4000D Heating/Airco
  • Isotherm 12V Fridge unit (Very nice in the tropics, but where did my battery power go?)
  • Plastimo auto-inflatable liferaft (Needs to be refilled and checked)
  • Silva Star NAV repeater GPS Mariphone

Equipment/accessories I’d like to purchase:

  • Handheld GPS navigation (as extra for safety)
  • Dinghy + 3 to 5 HP engine
  • Wind generator 12 Volt
  • AIS System (Info)
  • SSB Transceiver & modem (Info)
  • Sea charts of course
  • A list with pharmaceuticals, medication etc.
  • A list of groceries
  • Spare parts, for the engine, mast and wires
  • Marine VHF Course

A whole bunch of work on Blanco will be needed before sailing out such as:

  • Painting and cleaning the deck and hull
  • Refurbishing the engine, diesel tank maintenance
  • Gas installation for cooking, make sure there are no leaks
  • Sails are in great shape, but miss two of the sail batten
  • Replace some lines, weather and fatigue dried some out
  • Rudder responds with delay, the tiller can also use some varnish

I will keep this page updated and go more into depth about purchases soon!

For sickness and in health, medical list

Working on this and getting advice from general practitioner

Malaria prevention