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This or that?

ij2hdSo right now I’ve got everything ready to go live and I’m just wondering about some small details which I feel like sharing, even though stuff will become more clear once everything starts rolling, I’m wondering about this a lot!

My idea at first was to have everyone that donates or purchases an item from me also vote at the end of the purchase-process, vote for a charity which will receive a large donation from my side, a charity that is also picked by previous month supporters. But! Now I started thinking, wouldn’t it make an interesting if I’m traveling across the globe and announce where I’d be at the end of the month beforehand and people can pick a cause or project in that area where I can personally donate at the spot! This instead of making a donation to a world wide available cause.

This has been going through my mind the last few days and it sounds very interesting to me, but soon I’ll find out what the best way of going about will be and feedback from people will also help!

Damien  Alexander РAugust 15, 2015