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If you like to help out, this is possible! Donations over $2 will be mentioned at this page, or purchase a strand of luck! Want to know more about me and what I am going to do, visit ‘About‘ in the top menu!

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Hi! I’m Damien “Fusey” Alexander and I’m from the Netherlands. This is my website I’ve had for many years and is since 2015 used as a personal website to find out everything about me and my journeys!
Right now I am working everyday to get the funds together for a longer trip with my own sailing vessel, at the top of this page is seen how far I am to reaching my goal and I’m planning to leave when I’ve reached the goal and prepared the boat! Support is very much appreciated by donating with the button at the top, purchasing a strand of luck or subscribing to my YouTube!
With every purchase or donation made, you’ll also get the opportunity to vote for a charity! The charity with the most votes will receive a donation by me personally at the end of the month!
Going to charity this month so far: $0!

October goal $500